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Ordering Guide for audios, videos and literature


___$20 The LifeBreath® Book 

___$25   LifeBreath Tai Chi / Chi Kung DVD

___$15   Healthier State of Mind Meditation CD

___$15   LifeBreath Session with Chakra Attunement CD  

 ****Save with the purchase of all 4 LifeBreath tools

___ $65   LifeBreath Package I (book, 2 CD’s, DVD)


___$25  Pure Sculpt DVD

___$25  Cardio Kick DVD

___$25   Step & Sculpt DVD  

      ****Save with the purchase of all 3 superior workouts

___$60   Workout Package II (all 3 DVD’s)


__$25 Karate kata DVD I - beginner/intermediate

__$25 Karate kata DVD II - intermediate/advanced  

Add $5.00 for shipping and handling. 
Call all orders to 207-310-0626 or e-mail
MasterCard and Visa are accepted


Contact Information:

Beth Bielat

76 Cobb Hill Rd. 

Otisfield, Me. 04270



E-mail :

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